7 business-boosting benefits of SHR hair removal

Thinking of investing in an SHR hair removal machine for your salon, spa or clinic? Here are seven ways SHR technology benefits both your business and your clients.

1. SHR hair removal machines deliver permanent hair reduction treatments in half the time of a traditional IPL machine.

2. Clients prefer SHR technology because unlike traditional IPL and laser, SHR treatments are virtually pain-free, so they are ideal for sensitive skin and those with low pain thresholds.

3. With a quality SHR hair removal machine, you will enjoy up to 12 other dedicated aesthetic treatments* which can include everything from anti-ageing skin rejuvenation to acne management and pigmentation correction. 

4. With just one device, you can expand your service menu with multiple hi-tech treatments to not only attract new customers but also retain existing clientele by keeping up to date with the industry’s latest innovations.

5. SHR hair removal treatments have the unique selling point of being fast, painless and permanent. Clients can pop in for a quick and comfortable treatment on their lunch break and still achieve the same permanently smooth and hair-free results that laser offers.

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